Hook Up Turntable Without Phono Input

Without Hook Up Phono Input Turntable
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Beginner's Guide To Turntables - Home Listening Edition –

Basically, I want to hook up my turn table to my receiver, which is further hooked up to two speakers. My receiver is a Sony STR-DE, which has no phono inputs. The internet seems to indicate that I need some type of phono preamp-- but I've got this working in the past without one. However, no matter. Start by plugging your turntable's audio cable into the phono preamp's input. Be sure to connect your turntable's ground wire (if it has one) to the grounding post on the phono preamp. Now plug the phono preamp's audio output into one of your receiver's analog audio inputs, connect the preamp to its power supply, and . 31 Mar The phono inputs on receivers that have them boost a turntable's signal, which is too weak to drive an amplifier's line-level input on its own. In this case, the receiver has a built-in preamplifier that increases the turntable's signal to useful levels. You can, however, use a receiver without phono inputs by.

I plan to go for a new amp and speakers next. Up until fashionable, I've run my previous turntable be means of the auxiliary input on my receiver Grundig R from sometime in the ninetiesand it's worked well enough, in spite of with some limitations sound-wise.

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In the instructions for my unique turntable, it says if not using a preamp, I should only hook it to a receiver with a phono input, which. What are the consequences of connecting the turntable to Aux, and is there any chance of damaging any part of the equipment receiver, speakers or turntable?

Hook Up Turntable Without Phono Input
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As a note, here are the relevant to the best of my little knowledge complicated specifications for the cartridge:. Additionally, a dedicated phono pre-amp will have a switch to equivalent to the Hook Up Turntable Out-of-doors Phono Input contrastive types of pickup - Magnetic Cartridge - that are manufactured.

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If you DON'T have a phono input on your stereo, or if you're just hooking your turntable up to powered speakers, headphones or a sound input on your computer, the rest of this document is for you. (Note that I'm NOT going to discuss turntables with USB outputs because those aren't vintage.) Unlike most audio sources you. Start by plugging your turntable's audio cable into the phono preamp's input. Be sure to connect your turntable's ground wire (if it has one) to the grounding post on the phono preamp. Now plug the phono preamp's audio output into one of your receiver's analog audio inputs, connect the preamp to its power supply, and . If your receiver has a "PHONO" input, you can simply connect your turntable to that input. Note: If your turntable has a built-in preamp, it should be turned OFF when connecting to PHONO input. Image. 2. My AV receiver does not have a PHONO input. Many current receivers do not have a built-in PHONO input. In this case.

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