Aaron Fike Quarter Midget Race

Quarter Midget Race Aaron Fike
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DESCRIPTION: Yeley of Phoenix, Ariz.

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25 Mar USAC COORS LIGHT SILVER BULLET SERIES RACE RESULTS: March 24, -- Irwindale, California -- Irwindale Speedway - "K & N Classic". QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Dave Darland, 56, Foxco; 2. Dave Steele, 19, GMS- ; 3. Aaron Fike, 92, Hoerner; 4. Ed Carpenter, Kiwi Kidz quarter-midgets, race 1 (6 laps): S. Van Gisbergen 1, S. O'Connor 2, J. Wootten 3. Time: 2m TQ midgets, race 1 (10 laps): D. Bennett 1, P. Le Cren 2, S . Currie 3. Race 2: M. Final standings: NZ (Kendall 41, Standring 29, Alach 28, Thompson 21); US 91 (Yeley 30, A.J. Fike 29, Aaron Fike 25, B. Kenyon 7). Aaron Fike is an American racing driver, a former competitor in NASCAR and USAC driver. The younger brother of A. J. Fike, he was suspended from NASCAR competition from to due to a drug-related arrest. Contents. [hide]. 1 USAC career; 2 NASCAR career; 3 Legal troubles; 4 References; 5 External links .

Aaron Fike Quarter Midget Race
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Dave Darland, 56, Foxco Dave Steele, 19, GMS Aaron Fike, 92, Hoerner Tracy Hines, 37, Indiana Underground

27 Jun Aaron Fike. Photo by Kenneth Plotkin on September 26th, at Richmond. United States Auto Club racing series photos. 25 Jun J.J. Yeley of Phoenix, Ariz. captured two of last week's "Buckeye Nationals" USAC Midget Car features in Ohio while the Fike brothers, A.J. and Aaron, took Yeley drove the Ford/ASE/Performance Racing Industry Pink Ford/Beast to the win over Bobby East, fast qualifier Shane Hollingsworth, Darland and. 25 Mar USAC COORS LIGHT SILVER BULLET SERIES RACE RESULTS: March 24, -- Irwindale, California -- Irwindale Speedway - "K & N Classic". QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Dave Darland, 56, Foxco; 2. Dave Steele, 19, GMS- ; 3. Aaron Fike, 92, Hoerner; 4. Ed Carpenter,

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