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My name is Sarah, 35 years old from Augusta: Red hair, blue-eyed, busty, sexy ass. Tell me what a little slut i am. And is open minded. I'm anything but normal. I'm a swimmer/runner who takes amazing care of my body and is curvy in the right places.

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My name is Megan, 29 years ex- from McAllen: I am fun, OK and tend to be on the submissive side. It leaves me to wonder what other woman are doing when they cede head. Hate long skin of one's teeth or long nails, scraggly unkempt facial hair. Leave a message!

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IV been looking for a solution thanks I'm 12

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Lindsey! Goku is not of our species! Silly poo :P

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Made my scar hurt : But thank you entirely for the info and being completely upfront ^_ That part is comforting.

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The homeopathy comment is. disappointing. Depending on the efficacy of remedies which are not scientifically supported becomes part of a larger problem: ignorance of the scientific method and disbelief in actual medicine. The placebo effect works for many, but it should definitely NOT be accepted as a valid health strategy. Placebos are not dependable, and we should treat people according to what we can measure and control, not with hope and distilled water.

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You realise the information on the internet about us is either written by us (ie, minority teaching majority), or it's probably wrong? And yet you think the minority should stop teaching.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as my students do!

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My biggest problem with sex ed is that it was always bit too practical. That is it sort of went this is how you use a condom and don't get rushed into having sex but it never dealt with the issues I actually faced in terms of sexuality. For example, nobody ever said:

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Sex is a two fucking-pun way street; if the woman opens up her legs to accept a penis and semen, she is accepting the possibility of becoming impregnated. The man may or may not intend a pregnancy; but in either case it sure as fuck is his right to know what is going on with half the life that he created, *if for no other reason than to communicate with the woman about options (as *compared to engaging in harassment/violence.yup, men are indeed capable of *not harassing and hurting women, who'da thunk?).

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Number 4 made me so happy!

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Longest fwb I ever had lasted over 15 years. We dated other people in that time. We never once got jealous of eachother. Only reason it ended was because she passed away in a car accident. She was my friend and my lover. We both agreed that anything more than a fwb would ruin everything. I really miss her. I miss the friends part more than the benefits.

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Can i come? lol

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Agreed. I have NO idea what that meant.

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I don't know if it's been said yet, but DO NOT BIND WITH ACE BANDAGES. They're meant to stop swelling and if you bind, they'll get tighter with every breath you take. If you can't afford a binder, sports bras will do or there are programs you can find online where you can get one for free.

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4 The idea that something isn't really happening/not really a problem, the person in question doesn't want or need help or my own doubts as to my ability to help in a given situation.