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My name is Gina, 26 years old from Sioux Falls: I have good values, possess a great sense of humour and can be very creative in many ways. To move to the next step send over a short bio, something interesting about you. I'm good at looking after myself. I am looking for a talk man who is very well hung, please no teensy weenies! It would be a bonus if that could include the possibility of something more serious/long term over time.

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Thuthuka Qoza: Polish accent wasn't accurate, like at all

Carp3Noctum: Holyy monkey butt, I thought I was the only one who planned out my trips by the exact time and place.

Lizi Blick: I'd like to see the stats for the Middle East

Epiccomedy: When you are Estonian and watching this confirms that nobody will understand you if you speak Estonian to them xD

Ua Apollo5: This is simply a stupid video made by stupid people.

Carrotopgrl: It depends on the type of woman. I'm from Toronto, but pretty much the opposite of the so-called Toronto woman portrayed in this video. I make eye contact and smile at ppl on the street, and they seriously think I'm flirting with them when I'm not.I'm just being human. I guess aloofness in this city has become so common that ppl are losing their ability to read basic social cues.

NateNizz: The person asking for a date is the one who pays. Its the easiest and most ligical way to do it.

Zoro Roronoa: You should suck my dick and later talk about us , you eat shit

Sebbspato2: I would like to date with an Israeli woman, they're my type :D

Tom Holt: Im just like that and im uruguayan

Gandy174: This was a great video! Thanks for sharing xx

Mario Cisse: Kkkk this is so true!

Naya 1267: CRUSHED IT! Loved the first vlog! I subscribed!

Uranija Zeus: I never understood why romance/southern European languages are always considered sexy. Nordic languages and Slavish languages is where it's at.

Mamaki1987: I'm going to say it: Fuck the monarchy to hell with the queen.

U Mirin Bro?: Ahahaah funny how the top picks were also the hottest guys. lol

Jasper Jia: Poor Canelo lol

Pasoka TV: I don't understand the concept of covering their eyes. I have never, in my life, used my eyes to detect spoken dialect

Mai Yer Xiong: Chilenos son maricones

Hobi Sunshine: This applies to all latinas pretty much

Discotiq: I am Russian, and I don't drink and smoke at all

KingAce 442: Pelo menos nisso a gente ganha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Dmlp103: This is so sad and disgusting, hahahaha, you're a loser.

Catsexual: Japanese, definitely do Japanese!

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Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Ilovepdf
My name is Susana, 25 years old from Toledo: There's a winery nearby that i'd like to check out with someone so if you're interested. I have just got divorced and am looking for fun. I want it from a man - novelty sex positions and places produces more dopamine, giving a stronger orgasm I'm shy , but tends to warm up fairly quickly. Looking for a young, fit man who can keep up with me.

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#1 26.04.2018 at 02:29 RUBY:
I totally get where you're coming from on this, but saying just don't fantasize and you'll be fine could create some problems and shameful feelings for some people. A lot of people can't masturbate to orgasm without fantasy. It's like running on a treadmill: you go through the motions, but don't end up going anywhere. Also, if you are one of those people who also struggles with religious pressures, you could end up feeling extra shameful/dirty/broken if you need sexy fantasies to orgasm.

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I bought my first sex toy today. Thanks to this channel.

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#4 08.05.2018 at 14:18 CANDICE:
There's nothing sex-negative about choosing to save sex for marriage. That's a legitimate expression of sexuality like any other.

#5 16.05.2018 at 12:49 DEBBIE:
Hey they work tnx

#6 25.05.2018 at 17:48 MAYRA:
The excitement I get when I see a new video from you is insane! I love you Lindsey, I really look up to you.

#7 03.06.2018 at 23:20 MADELYN:
She must have been fun as a young Girl.

#8 09.06.2018 at 01:02 SYLVIA:
What about William Masters Virginia Johnson? I understand that not every notable character in the field makes the list, but just curious how they stack up against the rest of the entrants.

#9 13.06.2018 at 09:30 JANA:
Can you do another video on masturbation, that's what I do more than anything.

#10 17.06.2018 at 23:19 VIRGIE:
The jews do the circumcision with their teeth.В В Some say this is just paedophilia but use the circumcision with the teeth and saliva to numb the pain in the baby's penis.

#11 20.06.2018 at 01:00 KARA:
Lovely to meet you! Looking forward to seeing what is in store for this channel!

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I am so confused by that dress