Sand Mining On North Stradbroke Island

Island North Sand Stradbroke On Mining
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DESCRIPTION: The Queensland Government is committed to phasing out sand mining on North Stradbroke Island — also known as Minjerribah to the Traditional Owners the Quandamooka people — by and expanding the island's existing industries to ensure a strong, sustainable economy for all who live there. This strategy aims to:.

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North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Strategy

19 Nov A SAND-MINING company has been accused of betraying the North Stradbroke Island community after withdrawing funding for a tourism project. 25 May Sand mining will come to an end on North Stradbroke Island by , reversing a decision by the former Newman administration to extend Sibelco's lease to 26 May Sand mining on North Stradbroke Island is to substantially cease by , with the Queensland Parliament voting in favour of the phase-out to allow the creation of new, sustainable jobs. The North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability and Other Acts Amendment Bill to end sand mining was.

Sibelco this week said it still employed people at its North Stradbroke Isle mines.

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  • 25 May Sand mining will issued to an extent on North Stradbroke Island by Peerless, reversing a resolution by the erstwhile Newman administration to extend Sibelco's hire out to
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Of these, 70 aware on North Stradbroke Island. That is more than half of the eternal residents on the island according to the Census.

Sand Mining On North Stradbroke Island
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Destructive Sandmining. Mining on Stradbroke Island. There are three mines on North Stradbroke Island, all owned by Sibelco Australia Limited (formerly called Unimin Australia Limited), a Belgian owned multi-national company: Enterprise, also known as 'Devastation South' which would run out of minerals by (at. 26 May Sand mining on Stradbroke Island will effectively cease by the end of after the Queensland Parliament pushed through legislation repealing another Newman government policy. It's a return to Labor policy first brought in under former premier Anna Bligh's tenure but substantially changed when the. 25 May SAND mining on North Stradbroke Island will come to an end by the end of after landmark legislation was passed in State Parliament overnight.

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