Ever Kicked A Guy In The Balls

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My name is Lenora, 32 years old from Gresham: I am unemployed , looking for a job at the moment as well . Suck your balls I'm quite shy at first but rather loud & bubbly after a while :) I like a husky guy, muscular or at least fit, funny and handsome.

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DESCRIPTION: I have been kicked a few times but don't think I deserved any of them to be honest. I don't think I've ever kicked a guy.

Olivia Hill: Venezuela o Dominica Rupublic

Zara Jan: My take: people want what they dont have it. Not men, not woman. American men like south american woman, because they act like woman, they serve their men the best. North American women, they are independent, they dont wanna stay at home, they think men should be able baby sit, cook, clean the house, laundry etc. I think it is about what u want and get it.

AlbertaDMode: Dutch men like it when women dress-up, it gives them the feel of importance and that she cares about her looks.

Robert James: And that German girl's comment was really so German! XD

Garlant: This shit's fucking stereotypical, Physical touch does not come naturally trynna act like the Dutch are autistic? Fuck off please. Good try though but making video's trying to define a nation is too difficult

Chase Svetlik: Omg people are so ignorant

Beanarnia: This is Amazing Lads, class job :)

Ella Dubois: I want to learn to speak Vikings!

Viviana Fulop: Question: Are there any other countries in Europe other then Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, and Spain that have you know you are dating videos? How about Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark or the other nations of Europe? Hope to see those video dating profiles soon.

Dave Eskew: Hani was the most physically attractive girl in this whole video. She is so naturally gorgeously, it's breath taking. That being said every girl in this video is beautiful. I'm not Trying to sound cheesy but I can find physical beauty in any women who is a good person. Personality really is everything.

Asif Rajpoot: Sounds about right

Dana Qadri: OMG i LOVED THIS! Im russian and its like so relatable.

Cecilie Lykke: I'm from Greece and I'm tired of people asking me if I know Achilleas and Leonidas.

NiCoL4x: It's also how one speaks too. For example, two men from Spain can sound very different depending on confidence, self-esteem and other variables.

Dani Fajdiga: The Serbian wasn't very good, though. You can definitely see they aren't from Serbia, and they were't confidend enough, and didn't really sell it. But hey, thanks for including us! And some of them did think it was the sexiest, so yay! Hvala!

Dizzzy Ldr: Quebec all day every day. I have trouble understanding the France accent.

MamboJambo: What utter bollox this is. English women are mostly nothing like this!

Lucila Loewy: Hahaha well actually it's 80 true. I'm a filipina and if a guy won't notice my new looks, it's okay with me.

Nozha Chalbi: That cricket thing lol

Jplayerfg: Please. made the video about ukraine ))))

Vinnimann: Well .my family won't be like that ; They are far more liberal :)

MrThePhilkin: Ehehehhee y argentina?

Ljummingen: Don't be fooled by old cliches like those shown in this video, if you date a Mexican woman because you think she will take care of you, check her house, make sure SHE keeps it clean, not her mother and last but not least that she knows how to cook and that she is willing to do it, there is a new trend of self-proclaimed mujeres luchonas y cabronas

Marcos Aruca: Hey mami? That's funny

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N o, and I would never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never. Yes, my ex, when he hit me for being 5 minutes late picking him up at work (one of the FEW times he was employed). He lost all credibility with his co-workers that day. I paid a price for that, too - 3 cracked ribs. UGH! So glad he is the ex! specialwingz. Answer by specialwingz at PM on Nov. 30, 28 Nov Have you ever hit a guy there for real? Why? Did it really hurt so much he couldn't stand up? How long before he could get up? Did you feel bad about it or was it funny? Gen. Watttt. Nov 28 , PM. Nope But Id like to kick a guy there.. sounds fun Eww. Nov 28 , PM.

Kicked, or otherwise struck one in the nuts.

  • I don't think I've even kicked a poke fun at. I'd do it if I had to for self-defense though. Although, long ago a guy beat me in the face with a basketball while we were jumping on a trampoline. I told him I was going to get him cast off and he ran away and got on the deck and said I wouldn't be qualified to hurt him.. I took a playground ball and threw.
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If you did, was it in self defense or were you pissed with them? At my age, being slap in my balls feels good.

Ever Kicked A Guy In The Balls
My superstar is Colleen, 22 years old from Fort Worth: I dance, i justifiable come on here for fun and friends, always abstain from possibilities open tho. I am including enjoying all the sexy nude satirize pics. I poverty it from a man - Coition with a shitload of sexual a case of the jitters. So am i. I love to fuck. I am deliciously cool.

They are not as testy as they were.

Most Helpful Girl. Anonymous. Yep. Consentually. It's fun. I'm a sadist though. 1. 0 |1. 0|0. Asker. It's fun? How did this come to happen "consensually"? Reply. Opinion Owner. Some guys just dig that sort of thing and ask for it. Reply. Asker. Um do you enjoy it? Reply. Which questions to ask a guy before dating him?. I have kneed guys in the balls while making out with them and straddling them a couple times. The outcome was always that the moment was ruined. 27 Feb Girls have you ever kicked or otherwise hit a guy in the balls? If so, why did you do it and how hard? Did you enjoy kicking/hitting him in the balls?.

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