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DESCRIPTION: And you thought the ending to Are You the One? Season 5 was a lot During the shocking final night, Casandra was seated with TylerShannon was with Derrick and Hannah was partnered with Joey.

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14 Dec 13, Keith and Alexis revealed that they tried dating after the show ended, but it was far from a fairytale (hey, guys, you weren't a perfect match for a Alexis claimed that Keith still texted her that he wanted to be together after that, but that she soon found out he was also having Carolina come visit him in. 20 Aug Cameron and Mikala 'Are You the One' perfect match. “Everything he lacks, I have. And everything that I lack, he has. It's all about balance,” Mikala says. While the two aren't ready to walk down the aisle like Season 1 favorites Amber and Ethan Diamond, they are ready to adopt another pet. “Were getting a. 14 Feb We looked into which Are You The One couples are still together and which ones couldn't even make it to the reunion special after filming. At the reunion, Alicia and Eddie revealed that they were together for real — which hopefully at least meant their hook up had been worth it, even though it destroyed.

Anthony- Was with Geles, then dumped her for Keyana, hooked up with both of them as well as Zoe after the screened.

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His perfect match is Alexis. Ethan- no one his entire match is Geles. Keith- Alexis but not positive cheated on her with Zoe who I'm pretty sure is his perfect combine.

Are You The One Matches Still Hookup
My name is Carolyn, 31 years preceding from Berkeley: I am college well-read, have a merest successful career, but do not receive a chance to meet many men. But i too love to corrective my partner turn new things that i've already used up. So to all you men and women, hello!!!! Love to be licked. I can cook.

Shad- at least made out with Nurys, not undeviating if anything more, and potentially got with Alexis.

16 Mar A not-so-surprising NYE hookup. The duo: Tyler and Taylor (hey, they did have a spark early on). The catch: He was still (quasi) together with Shannon, more like she said they never "broke up." "We slept in the same bed, we made out and we went to sleep," Taylor confirmed to the crowd. That one night of. 20 Dec “We're definitely together,” Alivia confirmed. She admitted she couldn't be mad about the Kareem/Zoe post-show hook up because she was texting Keith behind Kareem's back at the time anyway. “We never met up, [though],” she said. “It was just all talk.” Kareem admitted it was “f***ed up” that he cheated. 14 Dec 13, Keith and Alexis revealed that they tried dating after the show ended, but it was far from a fairytale (hey, guys, you weren't a perfect match for a Alexis claimed that Keith still texted her that he wanted to be together after that, but that she soon found out he was also having Carolina come visit him in.

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