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DESCRIPTION: Added by lotus on March 16,

Lola Who: WOW nail on the head.

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Natalia Moya: Sex: no, it's only a myth and more than one French women told me that, including one of my ex-gf, who's French. It's a no brainer that aparticualr country can't just be naturally better in sex, no way.

Mod Podge: Ukrainian : But where was Hebrew? The Bible language!

Hello Mia: How to know your man is from the city of England:

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There were times that the options were so fast that I forgot them before the question was asked. В Keeping a list on the screen during the countdown would help. I wonder if saving all the answers for the end would help with scoring, too. then a final numbered list of correct answers.

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Black becomes struggle wtf?

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Can someone please explain ftf or mtm? I don't understand how you can transition from one gender to the same gender. I know I'm probably misunderstanding the concept somehow so I would really appreciate it if someone explained it.

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Today i woke up and wondered if there was a new sexplanations video, and boy was I not disappointed

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Oh man, she's making me wanna do things I prolly should not say. Three thumbs up!

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sexplanationsВ I know it's a stupid request. But could you be so kind to just. Make a video, a few seconds long one, telling there is nothing wrong with being gay or bi or whatever? I know you completely support LGBT people, don't get me wrong, I don

#7 19.05.2018 at 07:19 CASEY:
No, saying that allies shouldn't be included in the acronym is saying that allies, by definition, are not gender/sexuality minorities. You ARE part of our community. An important part. A bunch of letters does not a community make. The letters are there to help people outside the hetero norm identify and find themselves. We're not being exclusionary when we say that ally is not a gender identity or sexuality.