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DESCRIPTION: This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Harry Potter is clearly the best thing that happened to me during my adolescence.

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Harry potter

3 Jun They've become even better in the last few years, when high school students started making their senior quotes hilarious and badass and completely This girl's "Harry Potter" yearbook quote tho!! ahahaha yas! T. (@NiHaoThuyThuy) May 23, 23 Jun Harry Potter is clearly the best thing that happened to me during my adolescence. Like many other Potterheads, I would race to the end of a newly published book and then spend the time until the publication of the next one, re-reading all of them. Everything about the books (and the movies) are etched in. Always a Potterhead until the very end. | See more ideas about Harry potter stuff, Livros and I want.

If you know us at all, you obviously know that we are obsessed with Harry Putter around. We could siriusly talk about Harry Potter all dayand it would conditions be riddikulus.

23 Harry Toy with Quotes Hookup Advice
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Everyone of the things about HP is how assorted amazing jokes and memes came short of it. The internet is a wonderful place, unusually when you notice Harry Potter jokes. Check out some of my favorites: This amazing ad that should be real:

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J K Rowling has some inspirational guidance for graduating students — or to anyone in this quarter, really. Her new tome, Very Commendable Lives: Proceeds from sales will be donated to Lumos Excellent, a humanitarianism for disadvantaged children founded by Rowling, and to a pecuniary aid events at Harvard.

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As the end of the year approaches, seniors secretly look forward to one thing: Yes, yearbooks can be annoying and boring and maybe you make fun of them in front of all of your friends, but secretly… yearbooks are kind of great. As many of you know, you can choose to put a quote under your picture in your yearbook — something that sums up your personality and your hopes and dreams all in one.

Here are 16 hilarious senior quotes found in real yearbooks that will give you life:. This badass quote calling out unfair school dress codes in the best way possible: For all y'all wondering why everyone's freaking out over my senior quote pic. ItsJennaMarbles May 28,

23 Jun Harry Potter is clearly the best thing that happened to me during my adolescence. Like many other Potterheads, I would race to the end of a newly published book and then spend the time until the publication of the next one, re-reading all of them. Everything about the books (and the movies) are etched in. 13 Sep Here are the best life lessons from the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling!. 6 Jan I find myself falling into some kind of Harry Potter black hole at least once a day, but I don't hate it. Advertisement This valid question: Source. I mean This incredible yet sad GIF: Source. This episode of MTV Cribs we're dying for : Source. What do you think of these jokes? Which one is your.

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