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Or is it a medical issue that I just can't recover myself? Before anyone calls me a bad bunny Keep secret, I just thirst to point wide of the mark that I am not bothered close by the scent, I just want to make sure Duke is healthy.

Extreme Bad Bunny Anal
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Extreme Bad Bunny Anal Does the rest of his coat look good? If you don't see Extreme Bad Bunny Anal resolution with this, I would get him checked out. Many pets are falsely sold as "neutered", and 3 months is still quite young for a rabbit to be neutered. And he's been healthy, this flare-up was 3 years ago. Just because he was neutered doesn't mean he won't eventually feel rebellious as he approaches "adulthood" at around 1 year of age. It's more toward the tail Extreme Bad Bunny Anal though. The adrenal gland production of testosterone is normal, I want to stress that. Extreme Bad Bunny Anal 834 Extreme Bad Bunny Anal The adrenal glands produce a little bit of testosterone in both males and females. You mentioned hes sniffing another bunnys butt? The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only. Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit. And he's been healthy, this flare-up was 3 years ago. This whole thing may just be something that will pass after awhile. I'd say give him some time.

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