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In the year 1809 Archduke Charles appealed to the German people to resist Napoleon's ally, Bavaria. Tyrol was the only one to heed the Archduke's appeal and rose against the French under the freedom fighter Andreas Hofer. Austria ultimately betrayed Tyrol and the rebellion failed. Less than a year later, Hofer was executed.

This site is in part dedicated to Hofer and used to distribute his farewell letter. It also serves as a place for sharing geneaology information with family.

Image: Andreas Hofer at Innsbruck.
Andreas Hofer at Innsbruck.
Engraving by Franz von Defregger

[Pictured left]
Andreas Hofer, who has been appointed commander-in-chief of the army of the Tyrol is waited on by different delegations.

"Cheers and loud noise resounded once more in the street, and another solemn procession approached the tavern. This time, however, the members of the procession did not remain in the street, but entered the house, and the landlord, who had just gone down stairs to fetch some more bottles of wine from his cellar, hastened back to the balcony room and announced that all commanders of the Landsturm and the municipal officers had arrived to pay their respects to the commander-in-chief of the Tyrol, and communicate a request to him."

from Mulbach's "Andreas Hofer."

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